About the Good Cake



A plan to help the elderly

In a youth-centric city, the elderly community, particularly those living in poverty are overlooked, neglected and quite honestly forgotten. Cardboard grannies are almost the only way one witnesses the plight this very marginalised group of seniors are in. While NGOs extend their efforts to alleviate the problem, merely a fraction of the elderly benefit from their works because it is simply a problem too abysmal for the private sector to solve.  

Bake-off! UNderstanding the product

It is our vision to establish a kitchen where we bake delicious treats with elderly living poverty. We want to provide a steady source of income for this under-privileged community.

Till then, we purchase rice on a regular basis for our charity partners who support them.

Read more about my baking journey in Bake-off!


Chatterbox : Working with the elderly

The Chatterbox is an interview series that sheds light on thoughts of the elderly community in Hong Kong.  Let's get talking again! Our first series of interviews close in on our relationships with our grandparents.

support the cause! 

If you love our beautiful dessert tables, delicious cakes or wish to partner with us in any other way, drop us a note using our contact form, it would be lovely to hear from you.  


Hello, I'm Karen


I dedicate my work to my beloved Mama (grandma) and Yeye (grandpa), the stars are different without you.

I want to be a part of the solution. I hope to show the elderly love, that they are not forgotten, and importantly God is with them, that He will guide the steps of the righteous. 

I pray for the success of The Good Cake everyday - for in its success, seniors in the city will benefit. 

As The Good Cake evolves, this website documents The journey.