Everybody loves brownies. It's one of the most popular comfort foods. I am determined to master this one, they will be a good item on the menu.

Brownies by The Good Cake

I had used Paul Hollywood's recipe here. Yes, once again, his book is really awesome because his instructions are clear and straight-forward, real easy to understand. 

The last time I had baked brownies, I had used this recipe. My bf loves Reese's Buttercups, but they did not turn out the way I had hoped simply because I do not like peanut butter. Lol. But, because this recipe is a much richer one, I had loved, loved, loved the bits that did not have the buttercups. I will test it again, without the buttercups indeed. 

One thing to note when making brownies I have discovered is that I do not need to leave the butter out to cool to room temperature, since it'd be melted with the chocolate anyway. Saves a lot of time. 

I bought a cheap saucepan from, it's got a good thick base, and I heard from Gordon Ramsey that it's something worth valuing in a pot. 

I have spent thousands on that website since May (the birth of The Good Cake). This had better come to fruition.