All the buttercreams

These cupcakes took 2 whole hours! It includes  design, preparation, baking time and all the piping and sprinkling of sprinkles, making sure that they looked more or less similar. And I am please with how they had turned out! 

They were really yummy and moist, I had used the same recipe from here, and having somewhat mastered the recipe for my vanilla cupcakes, I concentrated on mixing flavours into the buttercream. 

I had been told that my buttercream is way to sweet, but that was because I was such a noob and haven't gotten round to experimenting with flavoured buttercream. 

Here're the flavours of the buttercreams, and my bf did say that they tasted pretty good. And mind you, he often just tells me that my baked goods taste like shit if they are so. 

From top left, clockwise - strawberry, fresh strawberry on cocoa, blueberry and walnuts on matcha, strawberry on coconut flakes.