I miss my grandpa dearly. It's been 2 years since he's passed away and I still think back on our good times, and often come across questions that I would love to ask him, though I'd never get the chance again. All that I can do now is to be thankful that God had picked us to be in the same family. Really wouldn't swap him for another grandpa ever. 

As I brainstormed for The Good Cake, it got me thinking about talking to old folks all over Hong Kong, and about what they've got to say to our generation, a generation that barely talks to each other anymore. I have a lot of questions for them - from simply ones like What do you think of today's fashion? to life-long businessmen and entrepreneurs - rules they stuck by that brought them success. What is life to them? How did they get by when nobody had phones or emails, all that technology?

In developing that idea, I had thought about also talking to the seniors that I will be working with, in hopes of shedding light on their thoughts on poverty, in seeking to understanding what will really help them in their journey. 


Hence Chatterbox has morphed into series of interviews with a new theme every quarter of the year, with an aim to interview 20 - 25 elderly quarterly. Of these interviews, about 10 will be posted here on I aspire to print and distribute these interviews, with the profits supporting The Good Cake. Eventually, I would like to publish a book featuring the most inspiring and note-worthy interviews for these are all very good memories to behold and of course, proceeds going back to support the running of The Good Cake. 


Do you know of a senior or are you one with a great story to tell? Here at The Good Cake, we define our senior partners as a person of retirable age, i.e 65 and above. No, the senior partner does not have to be an elderly-in-need, as long as he or she is opinionated, has a passion for life (his/ her work, family, anything!), we want to talk to you. Let's meet, we'd have a chat and see where this all leads us. 

Are you a writer who can donate a couple of hours to this cause this quarter? If you would like to give your time to our project, I would love to work with you on an interview. It will be fun, rewarding and most importantly will contribute to our cause for ending elderly poverty in Hong Kong. 

Are you a photographer? Do you have a flare for modern portrait photography? Let's work at putting together some stylish profiles. Let's prove them wrong. 

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