It is easy to neglect certain parts of a business when you're doing this more or less, alone. In the past year, there have been really great learning opportunities, particularly because I have been blessed with the luxury of time and support of my partner to freely experiment with ingredients, recipes and even ovens. That is truly the fun part. 

is what I ask my website a lot... 

is what I ask my website a lot... 

Then comes maintaining the website - which I have obviously set aside, the hard work that accompanies any form of sales at all, and generally just raising awareness for the brand. 

I often panic at the thought of the above, I mean I think about all the old people out there who need my help, but then I am encouraged by my friend who does what she can for the good of the community she serves - and stay cool by remember that God has it in the palm of His mighty hands. 

Read about her here -

Stay tuned for a cross-country collab.