We are volunteers

I enjoy working with Food For Good Hong Kong tremendously for a couple of reasons -

  • they do not charge for their lunch boxes - while other kitchens might charge a nominal fee for heavily subsidised meals, FFG sends free lunch boxes out to those in need

  • I have volunteered now at 2 of their 3 facilities and they are clean, well-maintained, organised and efficient - hence we speak of a minimal wastage of time, effort and resources

  • the team is just super awesome and full of love! The folks there are sure of their passion for the community, work really hard and are super responsible!

  • They feed about 3000-3500 elderly living in poverty everyday

So you might have noticed that we had sent 240 kg of rice to their central kitchen last month and when possible, I’d go to their facility in Yau Tong to help with the packing of lunch boxes too.

Some friends were in town this weekend and I took the opportunity to invite them to join me at FFG :)


You can play a part in alleviating elderly poverty in HK by supporting them too - volunteer here.