The Cookiemuff


I don't know if you have this problem, but I sure know that when I have 1 cookie, I'd have the next, and the next, and the next, till I am at my 16th. I have found a cure, and thanks to the Meringue Girls, I present to you the mother of all cookies, the COOKIEMUFF. 

It is the size of a small muffin, which means that it is really big for a cookie. Super crunchy in the top and bottom, yet has a surprise molten Belgium milk-chocolate centre. I love it, I cannot stop having them, and my boyfriend refuses to bring them to work because he wants to keep them all for himself. 


The recipe is straightforward enough, I suppose the only thing to note would be to be sure that the chocolate for the molten centre is very liquid-y before injecting them into the dough. Also I had used cupcake paper trays for one of the batches - bad idea - it makes it difficult for the dough to cook. 

I've baked 3 batches since the discovery of this recipe, all snapped up by you-know-who.