The move is complete

There were many big changes for us in the last couple of months, and moving was one of them.

We had gotten ourselves a brand new oven, and yes, it makes a lot of difference now that we are using a professional baker's oven! It is a whole lot more consistent, bakes more evenly than our built-in one though it did cost us a bomb! 

We are now located in a location that is really convenient and I have easy access to ingredients, which can be a chore to get in Hong Kong. 

In totality I am really pleased, now that I can bake again after 2 months. 

In preparation for an upcoming wedding, I have been experimenting with a few cupcakes for the couple and this is the first one - an Apple cinnamon cupcake, with a classic vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream. The buttercream is adorned with blueberries and a cameral drizzle!

Karen ChuComment